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Madison County Births

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Abrom, Gladys L. (dtr of John & Ann [Utinski]) June 16, 1925 Madison
Ackerman, Sarah Annie October 10, 1873 Near Troy
Adams, Elsie (dtr of Jesse & Ruby) October 15, 1914 Alton
Adler, Leonhard W. (son of Leonhard W. Sr.) February 1, 1857 Marine
Agne, Josephine (dtr of William) Abt. 1850 Alton
Alexander, James H. (son of George & Pearl) October 1, 1936 Alton
Allen, Howard W. (son of John & Lela) February 24, 1931 Alton
Allen, Mary December 4, 1859 Alton; sister to Benjamin & James
Allen, Sevelia (dtr of Glenn I. & Frances [Fine]) November 5, 1932 Alton
Allen, Walton Hayner (son of George R. & Anna [Platt]) 1881 Alton
Alt, George Abt. 1848 Alton
Alt, Nellie March 15, 1879 Alton
Ambuehl, Benedict (son of John L.) May 13, 1841 Saline Township
Ambuehl, Nicholas (son of Nicholas) September 17, 1847 Saline Township
Anders, Ella (dtr of Mary Jane Anders) March 27, 1879 Alton
Anderson, John P. (son of John) 1836 ?

Appel, Louis J. (son of Louis)

October 14, 1859


Ardison, Catherine Simon (dtr of Lawrence & Margaret [Dawson]) March 9, 1914 Collinsville
Armstrong, Elizabeth  Abt. 1839 1244 west Ninth St., Alton
Armstrong, Hannah (dtr of George J.) Abt. 1838 1244 Main St., Alton
Armstrong, John (son of George) November 27, 1846 Alton
Armstrong, Katherine Haskell  (dtr of George) 1850 Alton
Armstrong, Harris 1899 Edwardsville
Armstrong, William (son of George) April 6, 1843 Alton
Armstrong, William D. (son of William) February 11, 1868 Alton
Ash, Charlene Laverne (dtr of Millard & Alice [Lengacher]) March 21, 1928 Alton
Ash, Robert (son of Clyde B. & Lillian A. [Kunneman]) June 28, 1923 Alton
Ashlock, Harry L. Abt. 1865 Alton
Ashlock, Maria M. (dtr of Capt. Richard Ashlock) December 24, 1855 Fosterburg
Atkins, John Abt. 1822 Upper Alton
Atkins, Virginia (dtr of Charles) January 25, 1841 Atkins homestead near Nameoki
Atland, Nettie O. (dtr of H. W.) June 20, 1878 Alton
Atteberry, Edith Mae (dtr of Leroy & Mary [Stauffer]) June 26, 1924 Alton
Atwater, Julia A. (dtr of Joshua) March 5, 1817 Near Collinsville

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