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Madison County Births

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Faires, Edgar Bryan (son of Charles & Minnie [Hoffman]) September 11, 1896 St. Jacob Township
Faires, William H.   (son of William) August 14, 1832 St. Jacob Township
Faitz, Andrew September 21, 1855 Troy
Faitz, John Henry March 4, 1851 Jarvis Township
Ferguson, Elizabeth Hope (dtr of Robert) Abt. 1843 Alton
Ferguson, W. S. (son of F. H. Ferguson) January 16, 1861 Alton
Ferris, James Ralph (son of Alice) Abt. 1885 Alton

Feutz, Edward   (son of Fred)

June 13, 1855 Farm near Highland
Fields, Peggy Sue (dtr of Walter & Leta) November 17, 1941 Alton
Fincher, John Stanley (son of John & Mary [Kostecki]) August 27, 1935 Edwardsville
Fingleton, Jennie (dtr of James) November 29, 1883 Alton
Fink, Roberta (dtr of Harold & Adele [Breckweg]) September 11, 1926 Alton
Fischbach, Augusta 1864 Alton
Fischback, Louisa October 14, 1868 Alton
Fish, Harry Abt. 1865 Alton
Fisher, Opal (dtr of Charles & Candice Viola [Allsman]) November 21, 1921 Alton
Fitzpatrick, Wilbur W.  (son of Mary) January 28, 1881 Collinsville
Frizzell, Mary Lou (dtr of Vincent & Marie Anna [Bauer]) June 24, 1944 Granite City
Frizzell, Vincent June 16, 1914 Granite City
Flagg, Willard Cutting  (son of Gersham) September 16, 1829 Ft. Russell Township
Fleming, Richard (son of John) Abt. 1870 Alton
Floss, Arthur Louis (son of Herman Joseph) November 19, 1865 Alton
Foehrkalb, Bernadine (dtr of Bernard & Sophie) August 17, 1925 Edwardsville
Foehrkalb, Bernard G. (son of George & Anna [Epping]) March 21, 1886 Edwardsville
Foehrkalb, Elizabeth (dtr of George A. & Anna [Epping]) June 17, 1884 Edwardsville
Foehrkalb, Henry F. (son of George & Josephine [Kimmick]) July 21, 1899 Venice
Foehrkalb, Henry J. (son of Henry F. & Frances [Selzer]) March 25, 1922 Edwardsville
Foehrkalb, Mary (dtr of Andrew & Katherine) April 9, 1863 Edwardsville Township
Foehrkalb, Omer C. (son of Bernard & Sophia [Kellerman]) June 23, 1913 Edwardsville
Foehrkalb, William A. (son of George & Josephine [Kimmick]) May 23, 1896 Venice
Foehrkalb, William A. Jr. (son of William Sr. & Hilda [Take]) August 8, 1928 Edwardsville
Foiles, Quentin E. (son of Orville E. & Elizabeth [Roberts]) June 2, 1927 Wood River
Forbes, Elizabeth (dtr of James H. Forbes) Abt. 1875? Alton
Forbes, John Martin (son of Henry & Pauline [Finkes]) June 7, 1918 Alton
Ford, Robert E. (son of John & Esther) September 14, 1933 Edwardsville
Forest, Rachel August 31, 1871 Alton
Fosha, Betty L. (dtr of Allen & Mary [Baker]) May 23, 1932 Wood River
Foster, Carley Vergene (dtr of Carl & Nola) July 3, 1927 Alton
Franke, Arnold F. (son of William & Katie [Knoche]) Abt. 1915 Worden
Franklin, Agnes J. (dtr of Ernest & Maureen) May 23, 1930 Wood River
Friederich, Leo Gerhart (son of Joseph B. & Caroline [Neff]) April 22, 1922 Wood River
Friemann, Georgia Kaye (dtr of Harold G. & Wilma L.) July 31, 1947 Alton
Fritz, Helen Virginia (dtr of Charles & Mary [Hackett]) June 7, 1918 Alton
Fritz, Mary (dtr of Henry & Antonietta) June 21, 1947 Alton
Fritz, Virginia (dtr of August & Sadie [Perkinson]) August 20, 1923 Alton
Frutiger, Esther Marie Carolin (dtr of Louis John J. & Lula [Noll]) February 16, 1908 ?
Frutiger, Louis John Jacob May 18, 1882 St. Jacob Township


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