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Madison County Births

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Immer, Fred (son of John) March 22, 1862 Marine Township
Inveen, Emma (dtr of Capt. Inveen) Abt. 1858 Alton
Irwin, John Gordon  (son of John) January 21, 1842 Edwardsville


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Jack, David A. (son of Raymond & Lucille [Skinner]) June 6, 1945 Wood River
Jackson, Dorothy Mae (dtr of William III & Sarah [Hussong]) April 27, 1914 Godfrey
Jaggers, Norma Blanche (dtr of Arthur & Blanche [Lanham]) December 10, 1921 Edwardsville
Jamison, Tessie Elizabeth July 5, 1905 Collinsville
Jarman, George (son of William) Abt. 1866 Alton; 1609 Piasa Street
Jarrett, Sadie (dtr of Addie) September 10, 1868 Alton
Jarvis, John F. March 16, 1839 Jarvis Township
Jarvis, William W. (son of Wesley) March 11, 1842 Jarvis Township
Job, Zephaniah B. Jr. April 6, 1867 Alton
Joesting Edward B. October 23, 1857 Alton
Johnson, Cora Lee (dtr of Samuel & Caroline) February 8, 1892 Grand Junction
Johnson, Cyrus Edwin (son of Cyrus Leroy & Jennie Cornelia [Keen]) February 18, 1929 Alton
Johnson, Delia Georgiana September 1, 1893 Bethalto
Johnson, Francis Marion (son of William C.) January 16, 1843 Alton
Johnson, George R. February 6, 1844 Upper Alton
Johnson, Irwin Henry (son of Heie & Emma Theresa [Hellinger]) June 4, 1908 Alhambra
Johnson, James Edward November 27, 1878 Collinsville
Johnson, John Abt. July 1841 Upper Alton
Johnson, V. Lorene (dtr of Arthur & Ermal [Yates]) July 3, 1922 Alton
Johnson, W. L. (son of Rufus & Sarah E. [Barber]) July 16, 1872 Troy
Johnson, William (son of Samuel & Caroline) August 29, 1891 Grand Junction
Johnston or Johnson, Dora Abt. 1859 Alton
Johnstone, Mary Abt. 1859 Alton

Jones, James   (son of William)

July 30, 1817 Ft. Russell Township
Jones, Sarah Lavina Abt. 1826 Ft. Russell Township
Jones, William M. Abt. 1836 Fosterburg; on farm
Joyce, Ruth Evelyn (dtr of Melvin & Amanda [Leimbach]) January 2, 1929 Wood River
Judy, Eliza (dtr of Thomas & Nancy [Hays]) January 25, 1840 ?
Judy, Thomas (Colonel) December 19, 1804 ?
Judy, Thomas Jefferson (son of Col. Thomas Judy) May 15, 1846 ?
Juhlin, Harold Eugene (son of Harold H. & Lenora R. [Gerdes]) July 22, 1929 Bethalto
Jun, Thomas C. Jr. (son of Thomas C. & Celesta [Karns]) March 9, 1936 Alton
Jung, George Fredrick Abt. 1891 ?


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