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Madison County Births

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Paddock, Gaius Foster April 3, 1866 Alton
Pape, Elmer H. April 26, 1914 ?
Paris, Fred E. (son of Fred & Eva I.) December 3, 1924 Alton
Parker, Francis Warner 1858 Alton
Parker, Henry P. (son of Clarence & Mamie) February 26, 1930 Alton
Patrick, Sarah Elizabeth February 20, 1842 Near Staunton
Paul, Albert William Jr. (son of Emil F. H. & Jessie I. [Bird]) August 15, 1920 ?
Paul, Earl Frederick Henry (son of Emil F. H. & Jessie I. [Bird]) July 18, 1924 ?
Paulda, Leonard (son of Ernest & Elizabeth [Budde]) June 27, 1934 Alton
Paynter, Betty J. (dtr of Edgar & Ola Mae [Langacker]) June 6, 1925 Alton
Pearce, Joseph B. (son of William W.) March 10, 1847 Olive Township
Pearce, M. B. (son of James) March 29, 1839 ?
Peers, James N. July 1, 1853 Collinsville
Pelan, Michael A. November 20, 1954 Wood River
Perley, Leila (dtr of T. E.) Abt. 1869 Alton
Peters, Henry 1846 Alton
Phinney, Henry R. (son of Charles) October 7, 1846 Alton
Pierce, Emily M. (dtr of George G. Pierce) August 18, 1844 Alton
Piggott, Ruth Ellen (dtr of Charles & Pearl [Penning]) May 12, 1929 Alton
Pigue, Mary J. Abt. 1849 ?
Pinckard, Thomas Stanton (became part owner of The Telegraph) June 19, 1833 Upper Alton
Platt, Anna Elizabeth (dtr of William A.) November 28, 1849 Alton
Plegge, Edward Charles (son of Eberhard H. & Christina [Schapper]) January 30, 1882 ?
Plegge, George Ernest (son of Eberhard H. & Christina [Schapper]) February 24, 1877 ?
Plegge, Louis Henry (son of Eberhard H. & Christina [Schapper]) March 1875 ?
Pelot, Robert William (son of Albert & Ida) August 16, 1931 Alton
Penny, Angelina December 19, 1835 Collinsville
Perrin, Thomas Harrison (son of Harrison & Isabel) March 1, 1842 Alton on Second street
Peters, Donald G. (son of M. Austin & Ida [Jake]) February 1, 1928 Alton
Peters, Joseph Abt. 1871 Alton
Pile, Amy J. July 7, 1851 Alton
Poag, Edna Louise August 10, 1909 Wanda
Porter, Albert Nelson (son of George A. & Celia [Miller]) April 17, 1890 Upper Alton
Porter, Elizabeth Mary Burtan (dtr of George A. & Celia [Miller]) March 22, 1883 Upper Alton

Porter, Emmett L. (son of William Henry & Florence Belle [Langley])

March 8, 1908


Porter, Frances Louise (dtr of James S. & Clara [Donnehoo]) January 22, 1920 Alton
Porter, Ruth C. (dtr of George A. & Celia [Miller]) September 22, 1888 Upper Alton
Preuitt, Elias K. (son of Solomon) Abt. 1838 Dorsey
Preuitt, Jacob January 1, 1815 Old Town of Milton
Preuitt, Solomon ? Farm, south of Bethalto
Prickett, John Adams (son of Abraham & Martha [Harris]) May 4, 1822 Edwardsville
Prickett, Jules Lyle (son of John A. & Elizabeth M. [Baernsbach]) April 18, 1855 Edwardsville
Prickett, Thomas J. (son of Abraham & Martha [Harris]) May 4, 1822 Edwardsville
Prickett, William Russell September 1836 Edwardsville


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