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Madison County Births

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Quigley, Frank May 21, 1852 Alton
Quilligan, Denis Joseph (son of William H. & Mary B. [Hackethal]) April 4, 1923 Granite City
Quilligan, Maurice John (son of William H. & Mary B. [Hackethal]) September 23, 1926 Granite City


Rainey, Robert Allen February 18, 1942 Alton
Ramsey, William S. (son of Norris W.) February 24, 1843 Helvetia Township
Randle, Anna (dtr of Susan Randle) December 26, 1867 Upper Alton
Randle, Martha J. (dtr of Rev. I. B. Randle) Abt. 1848 Upper Alton
Randle, Mary Elizabeth (dtr of Rev. I. B. Randle) December 20, 1839 Upper Alton
Rapp, Edwin W. (son of Valentin & Louisa C. [Bade]) January 19, 1919 Nameoki Township
Rapp, Herbert Otto (son of Valentin & Louisa C. [Bade]) November 19, 1923 Nameoki Township
Rapp, Valentin December 14, 1881 Granite City
Redder, Martha Louise (dtr of Herschel & Elsie [McCann]) August 9, 1926 Alton
Redman, Beulah R. (dtr of William F. & Elsie [Rettig]) January 12, 1914 Godfrey
Reichert, Ruth G. (dtr of Clarence Ralph & Bessie Ruth [Merriman]) April 4, 1935 Roxana

Reiger, Eleanor E.  (daughter of Joseph)

April 19, 1903


Reilley, Phillip Abt. 1870 Alton
Reinhart, Julius (son of George M.) July 1, 1864 Alhambra Township
Reinhart, William (son of George M.) September 26, 1861 Marine Township
Reinke, Fritz December 2, 1873 Pin Oak Township
Reising, Dale H. (son of Herman & Alice [Hollie]) April 1, 1940 Hamel
Reiter, Emma (dtr of Henry & Sophia [Bartels]) March 27, 1876 ?
Renfro, Joseph J. December 31, 1830 Near Collinsville
Renfro, Ramona Lee (dtr of LeeRoy & Velma) February 7, 1933 Alton
Reno, Clettis 'Jerry' (son of Joseph S. & Audra G.) August 26, 1921 Alton
Rexford, Frances V. (dtr of Leo & Mary) September 18, 1923 Alton
Rice, Dorothy E. (dtr of Harry & Mary [Boomer]) February 18, 1923 Wood River
Richards, George W. (son of Jervis & Caroline [Wilson]) April 1857 Moro Township
Richey, Lucille M. (dtr of Oscar & Rose [Little]) October 13, 1914 Alton
Ricks, Alfred February 14, 1838 Olive Township
Ridder, Shirley J. (dtr of Herman & Dorothy [Doerr]) July 1, 1936 Alton
Riggi, Joan Marie (dtr of Anthony & Gertrude [Page]) May 23, 1937 Alton
Riggin, Theodore A. September 15, 1840 Jarvis Township
Riley, Maxine (dtr of Eldridge & Agnes) August 18, 1925 Alton
Ringering, Ervin E. (son of Albert & Katie [Wutzler]) April 21, 1920 Wood River
Risler, Linda L. (dtr of Fred & Anne) January 27, 1944 Alton
Robarts, Heber (son of Dr. James Robarts) October 18, 1852 Godfrey
Roberson, David Francis (son of W. V. & Margaret [Pearson]) September 22, 1938 Alton
Robidoux, Henry C. (son of John) Abt. 1884 Alton
Robinson, Alma L. (dtr of Henry A. & Frances [Sherfy]) June 26, 1926 Alton
Robinson, Sidney Z. May 19, 1834 Liberty Prairie
Rode, Fred William (son of Fred & Anna [Strohmeier]) February 5, 1910 Hamel
Rodemeyer, Mary Elizabeth (dtr of Charles) October 1, 1846 Alton
Rodemeyer, Matilda (dtr of Charles) March 20, 1842 Alton
Rodgers, Eben (son of Edward & Ella [Hewit] Rodgers) August 12, 1873 Upper Alton
Rodgers, Edward August 18, 1839 Upper Alton
Rodgers, Henry P. 1844 Upper Alton
Rodgers, Susan P. (dtr of Rev. Ebenezer Rodgers) Abt. 1847 Upper Alton
Rohrkaste, Rosa Bernhardina December 10, 1892 Edwardsville Township
Romanko, Stella M. (dtr of Frank) November 14, 1919 Alton
Romano, David Anthony (son of Anthony & Laura [Baldwin]) October 21, 1937 Alton
Rowekamp, Charles (son of Henry & Bertha [Cunningham]) 1923 ?
Rowekamp, Charles William (son of Charles & Sophia [Langreder]) September 1882 ?
Rowekamp, Emma B. (dtr of Charles & Sophia [Langreder]) March 25, 1883 Edwardsville
Rowekamp, Henry Charles (son of Charles & Sophia [Langreder]) January 21, 1886 ?
Rowekamp, Hilda (dtr of Charles & Sophia [Langreder]) October 1893 ?
Ruckgauer, Julia April 25, 1885 Alton
Ruddy, David Abt. 1859 Alton
Ruedin, Harry C. E. (son of Henry E.) March 6, 1909 Alton
Ruedin, Henry E. (son of Martin) September 3, 1879 Godfrey Township
Ruegger, Adolph September 1, 1850 Highland
Ruegger, George X. (son of George) June 27, 1867 Highland
Ruehrup, Florence L. (dtr of Fred & Julia) September 12, 1917 Livingston
Russell, J. E. "Bert" Jr. (son of J. E.) Abt. 1896 Alton
Russell, Richard M. (son of Harry C. & Lillie A.) December 30, 1926 Alton
Rutledge, John Joseph March 10, 1870 North Alton
Ryrie, George M. (son of John A.) Abt. 1865 Alton
Ryrie, J. Magnus (son of Daniel D.; grandson of Magnus Ryrie) Abt. 1852 Alton


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