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Madison County Births

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Tague, Harold (son of Harry & Helen [Searles]) May 8, 1937 Alton
Tamblin, Elizabeth March 27, 1872 Mitchell
Taylor, James M. 1851 Near Troy
Taylor, Paul A. (son of John B. Sr. & Bessie [Dykeman]) May 29, 1933 Alton
Templeton, Joseph Abt. 1863 Alton

Terry, Charles Willys

October 14, 1868 Edwardsville
Theis, Arthur L. (son of John & Mary) May 9, 1935 Granite City
Thomason, Janielou M. (dtr of Charles D. & Ruby May [Johnson]) July 17, 1930 Granite City
Thomasson, Norma Jean (dtr of Kenneth & Gladys [Smith]) March 30, 1929 Alton
Thornton, Edward C. (son of Philip) August 20, 1868 Alton
Tibbitt, Joseph Greenwood (son of Tabitha Tibbitt) Abt. 1852 North Alton
Titchenal, Alice V. February 20, 1845 Foster Township
Titchenal, John D. June 17, 1823 ?
Titchenal, Julia Abt. 1826 Hop Hollow, Alton
Todd, Elizabeth F. (dtr of John) January 1825 Edwardsville
Todd, Lockwood M. (son of John) June 17, 1826 Edwardsville
Todd, William L. (son of John) April 14, 1818 Edwardsville
Tolle, George W. (son of George Sr. & Bessie [Watson]) April 29, 1925 Godfrey
Tone, Nellie (dtr of Bridget) Abt. 1889 Alton
Tonsor, Henry O. (son of John M.) November 27, 1857 Alton
Tonsor, John W. (son of John W.) Abt. 1859 Alton
Toombs, Michael H. (son of Henry & Leota) July 11, 1954 Wood River Township
Torrence, Gillian (dtr of John R. & Sarah [Lusk]) November 1, 1859 Edwardsville
Tosovsky, Dorothy M. (dtr of Ernest E. & Mary M. [Meek]) March 13, 1927 Edwardsville
Tosovsky, Ernest A. Jr. (son of Ernest Sr. & Mary [Meek]) October 31, 1921 Edwardsville
Townsend, Eugene J. (son of Alfred & Gladys) October 2, 1945 Alton
Trares, Wilbur A. (son of Henry & Frances) February 23, 1891 Edwardsville
Trautner, Barnhard (son of Nicholas) September 12, 1864 Leef Township
Travous, Charles Norton January 26, 1857 Farm south of Collinsville
Tremmel, Elizabeth November 1868 Alton
Troeckler, Harry (son of Frank & Bernhardina [Resmann]) May 1898 Chouteau Township
Troeckler, Joseph (son of Frank & Bernhardina [Resmann]) June 5, 1893 Chouteau Township
Tuetken, Vicky Leah (dtr of Frank & Lucy [Harrison]) June 24, 1943 Alton
Tufts, George D. July 7, 1852 Collinsville
Tuthill, George W. Bef. 1865 Alton


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