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Madison County Births

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Ulmer, Andrew Joseph (son of Frederick K. & Anne [Westerhold]) March 16, 1877 ?
Ulmer, Emma S. (dtr of Frederick K. & Anne M. [Westerhold]) June 6, 1875 Alhambra
Ulrich, Amelia (dtr of John) October 27, 1861 Godfrey Township
Ulrich, Unknown Female (dtr of Oscar W. Ulrich) August 9, 1913 Alton
Ursprung, Edna Lena Ida (dtr of Otto C. & Charlotta [Schmidt]) February 2, 1919 Edwardsville
Ursprung, Hazel Sophia Elizabeth (dtr of Otto C. & Charlotta C.) January 25, 1915 Edwardsville
Ursprung, Norman Frederick Wil. (son of Otto C. & Charlotta) March 4, 1917 Edwardsville
Ursprung, Wilbur John Otto (son of Otto C. & Charlotta C.) September 8, 1913 Edwardsville
Ursprung, Otto C. (son of Christopher & Elizabeth) September 18, 1884 Edwardsville
Utt, Garrett February 5, 1833 Alton
Uzzell, George Carr 1833 St. Jacob


Vannata, Ingabee (dtr of John) February 8, 1834 Fosterburg
Van Deusen, Charles Edwin (son of Charles L. & Emma [Mayford]) December 17, 1900 Alton
Van Deusen, Charles Merle (son of Charles E. & Ruby [Humphrey]) January 15, 1923 Wood River Township
Van Hooser, Jane Angeline (dtr of Abraham Jr. & Nancy [Howard]) November 15, 1828 Near Troy
Van Hooser, John Riley 1843 Olive Township
Vatterott, Jacob Abt. 1857 Alton
Vaughan/Vaughn, Boone C. (son of James L.) February 8, 1861 Fosterburg
Vaughn, Charles W. (son of Joshua) February 28, 1854 Wood River Township
Vaughn, Joshua September 27, 1809 ?
Ventimiglia, Anthony J. (son of Frank & Josephine [Anninrino]) May 3, 1919 Alton
Vesper, Irma L. M. (dtr of William F. & Margaretha J. [Wendel]) January 11, 1917 Edwardsville
Vesper, Kempton G. October 19, 1923 Omphghent Township
Viere, Ben A. (son of Henry & Mary [Foehrkalb]) April 8, 1891 Edwardsville
Viere, Frank G. (son of Henry & Mary [Foehrkalb]) March 20, 1893 Edwardsville Township
Viere, Henry (son of Henry & Christina [Epping]) September 18, 1858 Pleasant Ridge
Viere, Joseph W. (son of Henry & Mary [Foehrkalb]) February 3, 1899 Edwardsville
Viere, Katherine (dtr of Henry & Mary [Foehrkalb]) June 23, 1884 Edwardsville Township
Villmoare, Ed S. (son of Joseph A. & Puritha L.) August 2, 1865 Alton
Vinovich, Mary (dtr of Peter & Margaret) May 19, 1949 Alton
Vineyard, Irene S. August 12, 1905 Granite City
Voegele, Henry Abt. 1865 Highland
Volz, Mamie  (dtr of Margaret) Abt. 1863 Alton
Von Bergen, John A. (son of Oscar & Ruth) July 21, 1928 Alton Township
Vonnahmen, Irene Elizabeth (dtr of Lawrence & Anna) July 24, 1923 Foster Township
Vonnemann, Henry Abt. 1856 Foster Township

Vorwald, Francis Henry

December 16, 1858


Voss, Henry September 2, 1869 Pin Oak Township
Votrain, Ethel E. June 9, 1912 ?


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