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Madison County Births

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Yackel, John (son of Casper & Caroline) Abt. 1883 Alton
Yost, Beverly J. (dtr of Felix & Doris [Armstrong]) December 13, 1933 Alton
Yost, Mary E. (dtr of Benjamin F. & Mabel) March 20, 1926 Alton
Youngberg, James E. (son of William & Catherine) September 23, 1928 Alton
Youngberg, Nellie (dtr of Ella [Mook]) May 19, 1883 Alton
Youngberg, William F. III (son of William F. II & Marie [Siglock]) October 2, 1949 Alton
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Zakrzewski, Lana Louise (dtr of Bernard & Helen [Armes]) April 24, 1943 Alton
Zeigenbein, Helen G. (dtr of McKinley & Goldie [Enos]) September 3, 1922 Alton

Zellerman, Anna Magdelena  (dtr of Joseph & Ann M. [Sagenschneider])

August 16, 1869 or 1870


Zellerman, Augustus (son of Joseph) May 24, 1857 Oldenburg
Zellerman, Elizabeth  (dtr of Joseph) December 19, 1862 ?
Zellerman, Francisca T.  (dtr of Joseph) October 28, 1864 ?
Zellerman, Maria Catherine (dtr of Joseph) December 16, 1867 ?
Zinschlag, Henry William (son of William & christina [Merink]) April 1874 ?
Zoelzer, Anna C. (dtr of Frederick C. & Wilhelmine [Schaake]) June 20, 1886 ?
Zoelzer, Arthur (son of Henry W. & Sophia) April 28, 1902 ?
Zoelzer, Kathrina L. (dtr of Frederick C. & Wilhelmine [Schaake]) December 4, 1894 Moro Township
Zoelzer, Norman (son of Henry W. & Sophia) January 15, 1910 ?
Zoelzer, Oscar (son of Henry W. & Sophia) November 9, 1903 ?
Zupan, Anna M. (dtr of Charles K. & Frances V. [Shimac]) July 10, 1916 Wood River
Zupan, Mary K. (dtr of Charles K. & Frances V. [Shimac]) August 4, 1913 Wood River


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