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Upper Alton (Oakwood) Cemetery



Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, October 17, 1910

A horse belonging to Contractor Fred Gerdes may die from injuries sustained last Saturday evening by falling into a well in Oakwood cemetery and by the subsequent experience it had in getting out. Gerdes is doing some grading in the recently approved addition to Oakwood cemetery, and Saturday afternoon while working around an old well insisted that the horses and plow should be sent closer to the edge of the well. The horses did not want to get any closer, but finally one did get close enough to slip into the well hind feet foremost. The other horse was knocked down, but was ____ loose from its mate in time to present a double header as it were. A ladder was procured and one of the workmen went down in the well on this, and resting on one of the rungs held the horse's head above water and kept it from drowning. A derrick was rigged up and after two hours work the animal was hoisted out. It was completely exhausted and may die as a result of its experiences. It is said then if this horse dies it will be the seventh Mr. Gerdes has lost from one cause or another while he has been doing the Oakwood grading job, and he is beginning to think that "too much is enough."

















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