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"It is well that war is so terrible,  we should grow too fond of it."
General Lee at Fredericksburg.



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Small Pox Island Memorial Cemetery

Located in Lincoln Shields Recreation Area, West Alton, Missouri



Approximately 300 prisoners and Union soldiers who died of smallpox were buried on a nearby island (once called Sunflower Island and currently under water) where a quarantine was set up. In April of 2002, a new memorial containing the names of the of the Confederate prisoners who died of smallpox was dedicated. Located across the Mississippi River at the Lincoln Shields Recreation Area, any area of the Riverlands Environmental Demonstration Area managed by the Corps of Engineers.



Small Pox Island Memorial

Courtesy of Angie Johnson


Small Pox Island Memorial

Courtesy of Angie Johnson




The Soldiers' Grave

Author Unknown


Breathe not a whisper here;
The place where thou dost stand is hallowed ground;
In silence gather near this upheaved mound -
Around the soldier's bier.

Here Liberty may weep,
And Freedom pause in her unchecked career,
To pay the sacred tribute of a tear
O'er the pale warrior's sleep.

That arm now cold in death,
But late on glory's field triumphant bore
Our country's flag; that marble brow once bore
The victor's fadeless wreath.

Rest soldier, sweetly rest;
Affection's gentle hand shall deck thy tomb
With flowers and chaplets of unfading bloom
Be laid upon thy breast.


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