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Marriages - "T"




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Taylor, C. Page Price, R. Mary January 24, 1937 Alton
Taylor, William Harris, Alice December 19, 1851 Alton
Telgman, William Laughlin, Emilie J. October 13, 1891 Alton
Teter, Phillip Robeson, Rebeckah February 13, 1815  (L) ?
Thomas, Samuel Isey, Elizabeth June 4, 1816  ?  by Rev. William Jones
Thomson, James Sorrels, Permilia August 24, 1816  (L) ?
Thomson, James Munson, Jean March 5, 1818  (L) ?
Tolman, Daniel Hare, Mary Ann April 30, 1819 ? by Hail Mason, Esq.
Tosovsky, Ernest Sr. Meek, Mary November 5, 1919 Edwardsville
Trares, John S. Gerber, Josephine September 24, 1863 Edwardsville
Trares, Wilbur A. Epping, Delcye February 10, 1926 Edwardsville
Travous, Charles N. Torrence, Gillian Lusk October 2, 1886 Edwardsville
Troeckler, Melchior Hackethal, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' April 26, 1881 ?
True, Floyd A. Hoffman, Mary A. May 9, 1899 Alton
Turner, Israel Stice, Caty March 14, 1816 ? by Rev. Rivers Cormack
Turner, John E. Haight, Nettie June 23, 1898 Alton

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