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Group Photos



Central Jr. High School in Granite City, Illinois

"Bank Directors" class, which was ran like a bank, with President, Secretary, and other officers. The school was located in the downtown area, and is now torn down.


Students Names:  Glen Beasley, Margaret Bernett, Dorothy Bonk, Steve Bossrick, David Bulter, Alfred Chambers, Merle Cheney, Iona Dickey, Kenneth Evans,

Loyd Farley, Lucille Flippo, Ora French, Vasil Fryntzko, Thelma Healy, LaMoyne Hinkle, Martin Harvath, Harold Hulst, Lester Johannigmier, Freda Lair, Helen Lerch,

Rosalie Lyle, Velma May, Vernon Midlin, Clarence Newell, Harriet Pendleton, Edward Pierce, Henry Ruemmber, Ethel Smith, Evelyn Tappel, Alice Ulsomer,

Manuel Vinzandt, Cleda Wilson, Agans Wolz, Hubert Durham, and Helen McMahan.

The photo appears to be from the early 1920s.




Troy Public School, 1946/7     Teacher - Mrs. Take

Back row, second from left - Helen Isenberg.  Back row, fourth from left - Sharon ?

Submitted by Helen Isenberg




Troy Public School, 1947/8      Second Grade, Teacher - Mrs. Take

Top row, far right - Helen Isenberg

Second row, first on left - Jerry Nash

Third row, far right - Sharon ?

Fourth row, third from left - *James/Jimmy


I remember James because there was a fire in the shacks by the coal mine, and his shack was burned to the ground and they lost everything.

Submitted by Helen Isenberg




Washington School, Granite City, Illinois - before 1920





Washington School, Granite City, IL.  Third grade.  May 1940


Front row left to right:  Norma Jean Lupardus, Doris Potillo, Everita ?, Loraine Cuppett, Evelyn Lovachoff, Mayo Welch, Helen Mattison, Delores Guenther, Mary Alice Varadian

Middle row left to right:  Ernest ?, Sherry Keen, Jewel Morgan, Barbara Cassidy, Marian Kish, Billy Rose Daye, Helen Barnett, Rowena King, James (Pepper) Elmore

Back row left to right:  Ray Mercer, Eugene Boyd, Curtis Walker, Boris Dineff, Billy Cochran, Bryce Cross, Glen King, Erwin Kuenhoff, Miss DeWerff




Washington School, Granite City, IL.  Sixth grade.  May 1943


Front row sitting, left to right:  Eugene Boyd, James (Pepper) Elmore, Russell Richardson, Roger Faviors, Erwin Kuenhoff, Billy Cochran, Harold Fricke, Ray Mercer

Second row sitting, left to right: Helen Barnett, Jewel Morgan, Mayo Welch, Arlene Anderson, Wilma Brandis, Marian Kish, Doris Potillo, Loraine Cuppett

Third row, left to right: Elmer Hoffman, Arthur Weizer, Curtis Walker, Herbert Eppes, Richard Baumeyer, Johnny ?, ?, Bryce Cross, Gene Smith, Darrel Smith, Glen King, Mr. Heely

Back row, left to right: Mary Alice Varadian, Bertie Jo Helton, Lois Glasgow, Wilma Jones, Sherry Keen, Doris Miller, Jackie Hamlett




Washington School, Granite City, IL.  Fifth grade.  April 1942


Front row sitting, left to right:  Roger Faviors, ?, Billy Cochran, Curtis Walker, Darrel Smith, Ronald Boyd, Arthur Weizer

Second row sitting, left to right: Jackie Hamlett, Delores Guenther, Wilma Jones, Doris Miller, Mayo Welch, Doris Potillo, Lois Glasgow, Loraine Day, Marian Kish, Mary Alice Varadian

Third row, left to right: James (Pepper) Elmore, Bryce Cross, Harold Fricke, Richard Baumeyer, Gene Smith, ?, ?, Ray Mercer, Glen King, Erwin Kuenhoff

Back row, left to right: Wilma Brandis, Edna Jones, Evelyn Lovachoff, Juanita McKinnon, Helen Barnett, Miss Hiller



Washington School, Granite City, Illinois



Wanda School - 1930s

Wanda School, Wanda, Illinois, 1930s

Herb Linkeman - 4th from the right in second row.

Submitted by Sharon Inman



Wanda School - 1935

Wanda School, Wanda, Illinois, 1935

Submitted by Sharon Inman



Wanda School - 1929


Wanda School, Wanda, Illinois, 1929

Top Row L-R: Bernice Smith ...?... Thelma Brave ... Leta Keith ...?...?....Leona Smith

2nd Row: Norma Wood ...?..?...Bernice Wood ... Shirley Southard ... Mary Ann Krome ... Hope Ashby ... Tammy Earl Keith ... ? ... Cleta Feezel

3rd Row: Faye Keith ... Margaret Knipping ... Stella Strohmeier ... Evelyn Southard ... Lucille Southard ... Hazel Fahnestock ...?... Laura Strohmeier ... Alvin Linkeman ...? ...?

Bottom Row: Merle VanDeusen ... Floyd Southard ...? ...Possibly Vernon Brave ...?... Walter Westerholt ...Herbert Linkeman ...? ..?

Submitted by Sharon Inman



Wanda School

Wanda School, Wanda, Illinois, Unknown year

Herbert Linkeman - third from left in the white shirt.

Submitted by Sharon Inman





Douglass School, Alton, IL.  Lower Class. 1905-1906

Submitted by Wright E. Harris III




Douglass School, Alton, IL. Upper Class.  1905-1906

Submitted by Wright E. Harris III


[Note: Built in the late 1890s, the Douglass School was one of two schools built to segregate black and white students in Alton schools. The other school was Lovejoy on Union Street.  In October 1897 the Illinois Supreme Court ruled segregation was illegal, but the school board did not changed accordingly. Douglass was the center of a lawsuit filed in 1897 on behalf of Minnie and Ambrose Bibb, who lived close to a "white" school, but were sent to Douglass instead. The suit was not resolved until 1908, when the children were grown and out of school.  Douglass School was closed in 1974, but not demolished until July 29, 1994 (there was great controversy regarding the demolition of Douglass School. Many wanted to preserve the school as historical site because it was the first segregated school in Alton).  Source: Alton Telegraph, September 21, 2009]




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