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Wanda, Illinois, Newspaper Clippings

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Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, May 18, 1916
One hundred Indian skeletons have been unearthed and there may be as many more in an Indian mound that was dug into on the Hugh Poag farm near Wanda yesterday. Hugh Poag, the owner of the land, was digging away some of the dirt of the mound to do some grading, when he came on to the skull of a human being. He dug further and found the entire remains of this and many other skeletons. Today Mr. Poag gave the alarm and there are over fifty persons who have been digging in the mound all day and up to noon today. They have taken out over a hundred Indian skulls and a great pile of bones that are the remainder of the remains of the Indians buried in the mound. John R. Sutter of Edwardsville, a local Edwardsville archeologist, visited the mound this morning and stated that the bones were the bones of Indians without a doubt. He believes that this is a burial ground of a large number of Indians, killed in battle or by some disease, and he states that the way the bodies seem to have been thrown into the mound in any form and just covered over indicates the burials were very hurried. The scene where the Indian remains were found is on the old Charles Sebastian farm, and Mr. Sebastian now residing in Edwardsville, has many Indian specimens that he found in the mounds of the land when he owned the land. St. Louis archeologists visited the scene today and the find all in all has caused much ado in the ranks of the archeologists of the district.


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