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History of Moro Township, Madison County, Illinois

Madison County ILGenWeb Coordinator - Beverly Bauser


Moro Township (Township 6, Range 8) is bounded on the north by Macoupin County, east by Omphghent Township, south by Fort Russell, and west by Fosterburg Township. Paddock’s Creek, Indian Creek, and Rocky Branch run through the township.

This portion of the county was settled at a much later date than the central and southern portions. Zenas Webster and S. W. Paddock entered the first land on December 11, 1820, in section 34. Zenas Webster was the first resident in Moro Township. His cabin was located near the Springfield Road (Hwy. 159).

The next settlement was made in the southwestern part of the township in section 19, near Rocky Branch, in the Fall of 1828, by Thomas Luman. He came from the Wood River settlement, and Abraham Preuitt and others assisted in raising his cabin. Luman died there of fever in 1832. His widow then married John Norton, who moved to Macoupin County.

Thomas Wood was born in 1808, and came to Illinois in 1828. He was a single man, and settled on the Springfield Road in section 10. He then married Jane Tolon, and had 13 children. His wife died October 12, 1875.

The second land entry was made by Solomon Preuitt, on March 30, 1830, consisting of two tracts in the southwest quarter of section 8. This land was settled by his son, Abraham Preuitt. Abraham was born in Wood River Township on October 12, 1810, where he grew to manhood and married Mildred Wood, daughter of Ephraim Wood. He next married Mrs. Louisa Wells in 1861, and had nine children. Valentine, his son, joined the army in 1861.

Another land entry was made February 27, 1830 by William Jones, in section 4.

In 1830, Joseph Hughes came from St. Clair County and settled in section 18. He brought with him a family of young children. In about 1832, Solomon Preuitt bought him out, and entered the land. Hughes moved to Macoupin County.

In 1831, Louis D. Palmer came with his family from Kentucky and settled on section 28. He was the father of Hon. John M. Palmer, Governor of Illinois. Palmer improved the farm, where he lived until 1844, when he sold to William Cooper and moved to Jerseyville and then Litchfield, where he died in 1869 at the age of 88.

Henry Thornton Carter, a native of Tennessee, was born June 19, 1811. He came to Illinois in 1827 with his father, Edward Carter. On June 6, 1833, Henry married Hannah Davis, which was the first marriage performed in Omphghent Township where her father lived. In October 1834, Carter and his wife settled in section 26 of Moro Township. He died there July 21, 1844, and left a family of five children.

Samuel Sanner arrived in 1833. He was born in Pennsylvania, September 12, 1803. On April 26, 1827, he married Barbara Paul, and in May 1833, they moved and settled on the Springfield Road. A family by the name of Lathy accompanied them from Pennsylvania, and in partnership with them, purchased a farm of 160 acres. After 7 years, Mr. Sanner sold his interest in the farm and purchased another about a mile away. The family lived there until they moved to Shelby County in 1866. He died there on April 19, 1880.

John Mahuern immigrated to Illinois from Kentucky, with his father, Samuel Mahuern. They settled in Wood River Township in 1816. John married a daughter of Captain Abel Moore, and located in Moro Township on section 18, in 1833. He lived there just a short time.

John Speer and Low Jackson settled in the township in 1833. In May 1834, Nimrod Dorsey, a native of Maryland, arrived in the township. He was born in 1789, and went to Kentucky, where he married Mathilda Dorsey, a cousin, and in 1834 moved to Illinois and settled on section 29 of Moro Township, He died in August 1849, leaving a wife and eleven children: Samuel L., Edward J., Nimrod M., Susan (married Anthony B. Hundley), Urath M. (married Adam Blair, and afterward Minor O’Bannon). Samuel L. was born in 1814, and lived in the township ever since his father settled there. Samuel married three times, and had six children.

Isaac Preuitt, a brother of Abraham Preuitt, located on section 7 in 1834. He was born August 14, 1812, and married Susannah Braden. In 1849 he moved to Texas, but returned the next year and resided in the township. Jacob Preuitt was born January 1, 1815, and married Clarinda Starkey. He settled in section 17 in 1835, then moved to Texas. Martin Preuitt settled in the township in 1839, then sold out and moved to Gillespie, where he died. James Preuitt located on section 17 in 1840. These are all sons of the old pioneer, Martin Preuitt.

In 1834, Buford T. Yager, who was born January 30, 1806, in Virginia, settled on section 30. His wife was Juda Ann Wilhite. They had thirteen children.

Fleming Huestis arrived in 1835 and located in section 15. He was born in New York in 1797, and was twice married. He died in August 1876. His brother, Benjamin Huestis, was born in New York in 1799, came to the township in 1836, and settled in section 22. He was twice married.

Frederick Meyer, a native of Germany, came to this country in about 1836, and settled in Moro Township. He died in 1866.

John A Campbell was born in New Jersey in 1812, and settled in section 11.

Other pioneer settlers include William, J. M. and Henry Cooper, Cornelius McKinney, Jonathan Smith, and C. H. Hatcher.

The Settlement of Ridgely
Ridgeley is a point at the junction of the Alton and Hillsboro and Springfield Road, in section 22 (Renken Rd and Rt. 159). In about 1850, a store was kept by Richard O’Bannon; two saloons; a post office; a blacksmith shop; and three churches – Catholic, Christian, and Methodist.

Dorsey Station
Dorsey Station is located in section 16. In 1882 there was a store kept by H. L. Koeneman, and a blacksmith shop by Fred Best.

The village of Moro began with the building of the railroad in 1853. It was first called Hampton. The history of Moro can be found here.

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