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History of New Douglas Township, Madison County, Illinois

Madison County ILGenWeb Coordinator - Beverly Bauser


New Douglas Township (Township 6, Range 5) is located in the northeast corner of Madison County. It is bounded on the north by Montgomery County, on the east by Bond County, on the south by Leef Township, and on the west by Olive township. Silver Creek, including the Dry Fork Branch, runs through the township.

The first settler of the township was Daniel Funderburk, a native of South Carolina. He was born in 1786, and served in the War of 1812 under General Smith. He located on section 7 in the Fall of 1819. For several years, he was the only resident of the township. In 1823, he taught the first school in a small cabin built near his residence. The students lived in the adjoining township. Mr. Funderburk lived there until his death on December 11, 1838. He had eleven children: Sarah, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Martha, Henry, Daniel, Julia A., Emily, Samuel, and Edward.

John L. Carlock came to the township in about 1831. On December 14, 1833, he entered the first tract of land in section 19. He improved a 40-acre farm, then moved to Adams County. The Methodists held their early meetings at his residence. Cornelius Wood, Carlock’s brother-in-law, located southwest of Carlock on section 19 at about the same time. He had a small farm, and was Justice of the Peace. He later moved to Bond County, where he died.

Robert Greening came to the township in 1830, and located south of Cornelius Wood on section 19. He lived there until his death. He was a member of the Baptist Church, and meetings were held at his home for many years.

Jackson Allen, a native of Virginia, came to the county in 1837, and settled in the township on section 17 in the Spring of that year. He lived out in the prairie, where he improved a good farm. He lived there until the death of his wife in 1862, then lived at his daughter’s nearby until his death in 1870. He raised seven children: Andrew, George, Abraham, Isaac, David, Thomas, and Mary (married Andrew Jackson).

John P. Lindsey settled on section 20 in 1840. He was the second pioneer to settle out on the prairie in the township.

John Funderburk, son of Daniel and Mary Funderburk, was the first born in the township. He was born September 3, 1822. The first death was that of Mary, wife of Daniel Funderburk, which occurred August 7, 1838. The first marriage was in 1834, between Aaron Voyles and Sarah Funderburk.

The Town of New Douglas
Alonzo Foster came to Madison County in 1819 with his father, Oliver Foster. Oliver settled in Salu near Upper Alton, and later at Fosterburg, where he died. Alonzo came to New Douglas Township in 1857. He was born in Maine, and was three years of age when his father settled in Madison County. Alonzo settled on section 16 in 1857, where all the land around him was an open prairie. He laid out the town of New Douglas on September 5, 1860, on section 16. The original town contained twenty acres. Foster and Owen laid out an addition later on the west side of the road, and other additions have since been laid out. In 1860, Costen Sawyer built the first business house, and a blacksmith shop. To read more of the history of the town of New Douglas, please click here.

The First Schools
Daniel Funderburk taught the first school in a small cabin built near his residence on section 7. The students who attended the school came from the adjoining township.

The second schoolhouse, a log building erected in about 1839, stood on the west part of section 18. Nelson Sparks was the first teacher.

The First Churches
The Methodist held their early meetings in New Douglas Township at the home of John L. Carlock on section 19. The Baptists held their meetings at the home of Robert Greening on section 19.

The Methodist South Church was erected in 1867. It was destroyed in the tornado of 1876, and rebuilt in 1880.

The Baptist Church was constructed in 1869.

In 1874, the Lutherans erected a frame church that was destroyed by the tornado. It was immediately rebuilt.

The Catholics erected their church in 1870.

The Methodist Church, a brick building, was erected in 1877.

The Christian Church was erected in 1878.


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