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"Census takers will be paid $4 per day.

This is poor compensation for being called a 'liar, a blackguard, and a

villain by every other woman in the block when her age is guessed at." 

Jersey County Democrat, April 1, 1880



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Census of Madison County


Also check out this census link:  My Free Census



Between 1680-1763, Illinois was controlled by the French. 

Between 1763-1783, control of Illinois was in the hands of Great Britain.

Between 1800-1809, Illinois was included in Indiana Territory.

On March 1, 1809, Illinois Territory was created. 

Madison County was established in 1812 out of Randolph and St. Clair Counties, and encompassed the majority of Illinois Territory.  All of Illinois north of the current southern boundary of Madison County between the Mississippi and Wabash Rivers was part of the county. In 1814, the formation of Edwards County removed almost half of the eastern part, and the final boundary change came in 1843, when a small portion on the northeast corner of Madison County became part of Bond County. 

Illinois became a state on December 3, 1818.   



1787     Census of Kaskaskia (Genealogy Trails)


1807     Indiana Territory Census - Randolph County (encompassed all of Southern Illinois) 


            1807 Voter List (Genealogy Trails)


1818     Access Genealogy


1820    The USGenWeb Project


1830   (Illinois Genealogy Trails)           (1833 Delinquent Tax List, Illinois Genealogy Trails)        The USGenWeb Project


1835   Illinois Pension Roll of 1835    (names and ranks of invalid pensioners in Illinois) (scroll down to find Madison County)


1840    The USGenWeb Project          Illinois Census of Pensioners (1840)  (scroll down to find Madison County)


1845    Illinois Digital Archives


1850   (1850 Mortality Schedule)     (1850 Mortality Schedule...transcribed by Bev Bauser)



1855   (Illinois Digital Archives)






1865   (Illinois Digital Archives)


1870    (1870 Mortality Schedule, Illinois Genealogy Trails)           (List of 1872 Voters in the Edwardsville Precinct)   


1880    (1882 Collinsville Patrons, Genealogy Trails)   





"Dr. J. T. Ashlock, census enumerator in the Wood River District, is getting along rather slow in his census taking because of the great numbers of foreigners. He says that half of them do not understand the questions he asks, and sometimes it is impossible to get satisfactory answers. A day or so ago he had to threaten two foreigners with arrest when they refused to give out facts he was asking for....."  Source: Alton Evening Telegraph, April 21, 1910




1930     (1930 Alton State Hospital Census)     (1930 Ursuline Academy, Alton)       (1930 Ursuline Novitiate, Alton)   


1940     National Archives  (census is not indexed)

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